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Yes I Can 

Inside your box, you have a storybook called Yes I Can. It was written by the Jamaican Bobsled Olympian, Devon Harris that the story is all about.
He has a special message for you here :


Listen to some kids translating

English to Jamaican Patois :

Reggae Time

Enjoy some reggae music while you’re

doing your One Love craft :

Jamaican Dance 

Enjoy some traditional Jamaican dance! Do you notice the clothing that the dancers are wearing? It’s the madras cloth (or bandana) that you can see in your box.

More Reading 

Some other story books you might like:

Jamaican Alphabet Book 

One Love by Cedella Marley

Anya goes to Jamaica

Jamaica in my Tummy (all about Jamaican food! Nom nom)

Jamaica Coloring Activity

Enjoy some free coloring page downloads:

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