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A Nigerian Poem

Listen to the author of your story book, A is for Africa, read one of her poems to your child, especially read for Little Global Citizens.

The poem is titled Sing Me a Song, Ma.

Her beautiful voice is glorious and makes her poem sound like a sweet lullaby.


See if your child notices her cowrie shell necklace :)

We’re so grateful for Ifeoma’s partnership on this box!

You can find more of her books, poems & readings here :

Nigerian Recipes

Akudo Agokei at

Tobie Smith (US based)

His Nigerian food products, delivered :

National Museum of Lagos

See inside the National Museum of Lagos, there are some amazing historical artifacts to explore:


Nigerian Wildlife

See Nigeria’s secretive pangolins, chimps, leopards and golden cats here:


Adira: The Art of Tye-Dye

A wonderful look at traditional and modern fashion expressions of the Egba People of Yorubaland from Google Arts and Culture:



Google Earth

Don't forget to explore Nigeria from above with Google Earth, click here to explore!

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