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"You guys have done such an amazing job with these boxes! Thank you so much  :) Can’t wait for our next one"



"It is super interesting to see how kids live in another part of this beautiful world we all share. Thank you for giving me the gift of the world"

Melanie K,

Ft. Worth, TX


"Yet again we are in love with our Little Global Citizens box! The kids got to make the Great Wall of China, make a dragon puppet and play with the tangram puzzle and we aren’t even through the box yet!"



Deanne W,

Charlotte, NC

"This is the BEST interactive box of goodies to fuel children to love their neighbor."


"When my kids (5 & 2) see this box on the front porch, they do a little dance!"

Sarah J,

Austin, TX


"This brings a little piece of the world to them and opens their minds and eyes to other cultures, traditions, music and language. I highly recommend trying this for your kids, you will not be sorry"

Sarah R,

Chicago, IL